4 Popular Areas to Find Bali Villa Rental 1 Month

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4 Popular Areas to Find Bali Villa Rental 1 Month Whether for Holiday or Business Trip

A villa is one of the popular places when you want to stay in Bali for a long time. Nowadays, it is easy to find Bali villa rental for 1 month in several areas, along with similar facilities and services. Tourists love to rent a villa because it is a private home.

They can spend time more comfortably only with their family, friends, or colleagues. Renting a villa is a perfect option if you go to Bali in a group of more than four people. Check the following areas where you can rent a villa in Bali for 1 month.


Kuta is one of the recommended places to rent a villa if you still want to feel the crowd. This area is the most crowded spot in Bali. Access to public areas, such as buildings, restaurants, malls, and markets is easy.

Most villa services offer both short-term and long-term places for living in Bali. Kuta is perfect for tourists of all ages due to the holiday destinations they can enjoy. A family with kids can rent a villa in Kuta and bring their kids to Waterbom, Kuta Beach, Turtle Conservation Center, and many more.

Adult tourists can explore a variety of places, including Uluwatu Temple, Beachwalk Shopping Center, Kuta Night Market, Kuta Square, and Karma Beach. Due to the crowded location, it is not an ideal place to stay for business trips and those who want to find a peaceful area while spending time in Bali.


You can rent a villa in Canggu for 1 month to get a less crowded area compared to Kuta. This area has a lot of cafes and lodgings. Most tourists who come to this area are surfers, ex-pats, yoga lovers, and digital nomads.

The vibe makes Canggu the perfect place for relaxation while in Bali. You should stay in Bali for at least a month to enjoy Indonesian massage, food, sunset, spend time in a bar, and walk around Canggu’s Street Art. Beautiful and relaxing places, such as Tanah Lot, Mount Batur, and Ubud are also recommended to explore. Then, you can take a rest in the villa. What a perfect holiday, right?


Ubud also has beautiful surroundings. Some tourists who need relaxing will choose to rent a villa for a long-term in Ubud. Then, you can enjoy your life by walking around the rice fields, watching Kecak dance performances, biking, following cooking class, and anything you want.

Staying in Ubud will make you know yourself and your surroundings better than before. That’s why you should try to stay in Ubud for at least a month, and you may want to do it longer.


Denpasar is the capital of this island. That’s why it looks more modern and crowded than other areas in Bali. Most villas here are designed for workers or those who have a business trip to Bali. Nowadays, you can also search for a Bali villa rental 1-month service in Denpasar based on your needs. It is important to rent a villa for 1 month for a business trip in a place with a comfortable and relaxing vibe after working. The vibe seems to recharge your energy for the next day.

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