Things to Prepare Before You Rent Villa in Bali for 6 Months

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Do you have a plan to rent villa in Bali for 6 months? That’s a good thing for sure! But remember that there are many things to prepare! Yes, it is, although you may not be there permanently. Moreover, Bali itself is well-known as a tourist destination so many people just want to stay there. Well, particularly if you want to reside there for some months, whether for the job or vacation, make sure to prepare some matters below.

Gain More Information and Knowledge about Bali

Before departing to Bali, it is very important to gain more information and knowledge about the island. Yes, this place may have traditions and cultures that are so much different than yours. Meanwhile, once you have decided to stay there, even only temporarily, you must adapt well to the people’s habits.

The other kind of information you must gain is about anything related to villas and residences there. For example, learn about locations of villas to rent along with the prices, condition, distance from public places, and more. If you are living in Bali for jobs or businesses, it is also important to choose a villa that is not too far from where you will work. Therefore, you will not spend too much time on the way.

Prepare Budgets

It is not a secret that you may need to spend more money to live in Bali. Yes, the cost of renting property there is quite expensive. So, make sure to prepare budgets well depending on the type of villa you want to rent. If you plan to live alone in Bali, it seems that a small villa with only 2 bedrooms is enough. But if you want to stay there with family or friends, choose the bigger one. Yes, the size and condition of the villa is highly-priced.

Another factor that influences the renting cost is the location. The closer the villa is to public places and tourist attractions, like Seminyak monthly rentals, it is getting more expensive. Therefore, if you bring your own vehicle and want to press your budget more, it is better to avoid renting a villa in a strategic place.

Prepare Documents

Before going to the Goddess island, prepare also all the documents needed. You must need a passport and a visa in case you are a foreigner. Other documents that must be on your bags are the identity card and a driving license if you plan to ride your own car or motorcycle. Particularly for the driving license, it is also possible to get it once you have been in Bali.

Since the pandemic era, the government also requires the Covid19 vaccine proof or certificate to enter the location. Besides, you must also undergo a set of tests such as the swab test once you are arriving at the airport. Even currently, foreigners must pass through a quarantine first before staying in Bali. It sounds complicated indeed but for the safety of everyone, those are good things to do. Sure, you can simply rent a villa in Bali for 6 months more confidently after that.

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