5 Crucial Things to Check After Getting a Perfect Bali Villa Rent

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5 Crucial Things to Check After Getting a Perfect Bali Villa Rent

Living in a perfect villa in Bali is necessary, especially if you want to stay there for a month or longer. That’s why you should check several crucial things after getting a perfect Bali villa rent per month. The following information explains the things you have to know before renting a villa per month in Bali.

Check the Charges

Check the charge first. Ask the host whether the cost includes tax and services or not. Some villas include tax and service charges in the renting bill, but some others are not. It is crucial to know, so you don’t have to get shocked with extra charges when you stay in the villa.

In this case, you have to pay 20% of the tax when you receive a bill. So, ensure that you check the complete information about the cost before renting a villa in Bali.

Check the Location on a Map

You still have to check the location of the villa on a map even if you get the overview from reviews. Sometimes, the description on the reviews is a bit different than the real conditions. Some tourists may think that their villas are near the town, although they have to drive for two or three hours.

Validate their statements by looking at the location of the villa on a map. Then, decide whether the villa is perfect for you or not. Checking the location means that you also have to check the access, public services, and anything you need. The easier the access from or to the villa, the better.

Check Whether You are Dealing with the Owner or an Agent

Ensure the person you contact while asking about the villa. Is he the owner or an agent? Indeed, everything is different, including the cost. A villa that is managed by an agent is often a bit more expensive than an owned villa.

On the other hand, you may get everything you need from the agency instead of renting an owned villa. The decision is yours. The most important thing is you know with whom you are talking about the villa.

Check Whether the Staff Can Speak Fluent English or Not

Some tourists don’t mind the language barrier, as long as they can communicate well. Other tourists have to speak with staff who can speak fluent English. That’s why you must check whether the staff or the owner of the villa can speak English fluently or not.

Remember! You are about to rent a villa for a month in Bali or even longer. You need to communicate with the staff or owner if you need help. Ensure that there will be no misunderstanding between you and the staff or owner of the villa.

Check the Payment Method

It is also an important thing to check before renting a villa in Bali. Ensure the payment methods that the villa is ready to handle. Then, make sure that you can also be comfortable with the payment method. The idea is to make paying the bill easier.

The point is that the list above will help you to get the perfect Bali villa rent per month. It means that you can use the services and facilities maximally.

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