How to Rent a Villa in Bali for 3 Months

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How to Rent a Villa in Bali for 3 Months? First, Follow Some Tips Below 

How to rent a villa in Bali for 3 months? Bali is one of the most favored tourist destinations in the world. Yes, the island has many things to enjoy starting from its beautiful scenery to unique cultures. It is reasonable if many people just want to live there temporarily or permanently. Some of them decide to live there for professional purposes like jobs or businesses. Meanwhile, some others just want to take a vacation and relax their minds for a while.

If you have a plan to live in Bali for some months, let’s say, 3 months, renting a house or villa is more recommended. Villa is even better if you want to stay away from the crowd. To get the best one, you can follow some tips below.

Collect Information

The first thing you must do is collect as much information as possible about villas to rent. It is a good thing if you have family or friends who live in Bali. But if you are not, don’t worry, search for information about villas to rent from the internet. For the second action, make sure that the villas are offered on trusted sites. Therefore, the site must have verified the owner to avoid things like fraud or scams.

Select some villas offered on the site and create a list. This way, it is easier for you to eliminate villas that don’t meet your criteria as well as to choose the best one among them.

Consider the Location

Next, you must consider the location also. So, what is the purpose of renting the villa? Do you want to do business there or something related to your job? Or is it just simply for spending a holiday? For the first purpose, make sure to choose a villa that is located from your company or office. It doesn’t mean that it must be in the same area but at least, not too far. Well, villas are mostly in the suburbs.

But if you have the second purpose, it should be freer for you to choose any location. It is indeed better to rent a via that is close to attractions like Bali monthly rentals Ubud. However, you can also choose a villa that is quite far from public places in case you really love to make trips here and there.

Check the Price

Since the beginning, you must have prepared budgets to spend to rent the villa. Therefore, you should not be too surprised if the price is more expensive than what you think. So, the next thing to do is check the price. Can the cost of the villa be covered by your budget well? Check also whether the price is reasonable enough by seeing the location, size, design, and more.

Check the Condition

Before dealing with the owner, you should directly go and check the villa’s condition. But if you can’t, asking the owner to send the photos is an alternative as well. By seeing the condition, you can know if the villa is worth renting or not. You can also consider the number of rooms and others in case you want to stay there with family or friends. This is an important thing when you rent a villa in Bali for 3 months for sure.

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